The ONLY 5 Wardrobe Essentials You’ll Ever Need in 2021

Man wearing crisp white dress shirt, faded blue men's jeans and a black watch. Posing in front of black, metal gates and colorful red flowers.
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There is one simple habit that will dramatically improve your life.

It will dramatically increase your chances of getting your dream job. It will automatically attract more people (both professionally and romantically). It could make you excel miles ahead of your peers. 


The habit, my friend, is called leveraging the power of essentials. 

Why Essentials?

I’m certain that I’m enough of an expert to speak about style, having worn clothes all my life. 

Jokes aside though, there are some items that are more crucial than others; essentials, if you will. They aren’t optional, as they can make or break your outfit. An essential is something such as a T-shirt and some good underwear. 

Even if you have the latest Gucci parka or the most expensive Tom Ford T-shirt, it will do you no good if you haven’t nailed the foundations yet—the essentials. You promised yourself that you would dress better after this pandemic, right? If you haven’t set any style goals for 2021 yet, I recommend this article by GQ. 

“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation” — Gordon B. Hinckley. 

The Three Fs

The Three Fs: Fit > function > fabric. Fit is the absolute number one thing to keep in mind when talking about functional style. 

The ‘style pyramid’ states everything you need before making the next clothing purchase. If the fabric is good but doesn’t nail the fit, it most definitely isn’t worth it. On the flipside; however, if the fit is good but the fabric is a little lacking, then you can probably get away with it. Just make sure it won’t get absolutely destroyed after one wash. 

Pyramid of Fit, function and fabric. Style Pyramid states that fit is important.
The ‘Style Pyramid’ is very clear when it comes to the fact that fit > function > fabric; the three Fs. 

Essential #1: The Classic Hoodie

Blue jean jacket layered on top of a white hoodie. Dark ripped trendy jeans with clean white sneakers.
The hoodie can be layered endlessly — jean jackets, overcoats, puffer jackets — you name it. 

A hoodie does it all. Warmth? Check. Versatility? Check. Comfort? Check. You can find hoodies at H&M and Zara for very cheap, yet they will still be warm and comfy. There’s no need to buy hoodies for several hundred dollars just because of branding. What matters is the color and the fit, just like I mentioned before. Don’t forget the fit! 

Essential #2: A Stack of Decent Underwear

Calvin Klein briefs. White waistline with calvin klein logo and black body.
So overlooked yet so important. Nothing is more crucial than some good underwear. 

Calvin Klein is popular for a reason. In 2019, they raked in a whopping $3.7 billion dollars in revenue. Why do you think so? Good branding? Good quality? Good reputation? Maybe it’s all of that.

There’s one thing to be sure about though: good underwear are vital! You’ll be wearing them all day, so you need proper ventilation, proper comfort and nice elasticity. 

Throw out your old beaten up underwear and get some new, decent ones! 

Essential #3: The Jean Jacket

Brown haired man looking down and posing with sherpa light blue denim jacket layered on top of a beige scoop cut T-shirt. He is wearing black pants and white sneakers, with a sockless look.
Sherpa jean jackets are a good option for those cold winter months. You don’t want to make the same mistake as me and wear them over a plain t-shirt, though. Layer up if it’s cold! 

Why do cowboys like jeans so much? Because they know that denim holds a reputation of being incredibly durable. You can wear it literally every day and it will still hold up. 

Apart from being long-lasting, it’s rather fashionable if you use colors that compliment it well. Pair a light blue jean jacket with a beige t-shirt and you’ll have a stylish outfit.

An absolute essential. 

Essential #4: Decent Accessories

Close up shot of a man wearing a dark tuxedo layered on top of a crisp white T-shirt and the foreground being a leather watch with a gold unibody and a brown, braided leather strap with a metal unhook.
The accessories maketh the man. 

Even if you nail the fit, nail the colors, and nail the trend, you still have one more thing to do. Accessories! 

A well-chosen accessory… is the element that takes a dressed man to a best-dressed man” — Mr. Porter

To put it quite simply: an outfit without accessories is like food without seasoning. They elevate the overall look and take it over the edge. Bracelets, rings, watches, necklaces; you name it!

Now, drumroll please…

Essential #5 T-Shirts That Will Not Let You Down

Shot of a muscular man with his big arms exposed while he is leaning on a staircase. He is wearing blue jeans and white sneakers, with a thin shirt tied around his neck.
If you aren’t putting an emphasis on the literal foundation of foundations, then what are you even doing? Enter: T-Shirts. 

Ah, T-shirts. 

Apart from getting a good fit, you need to make sure that they will hold up. Some T-shirts really can’t withstand several washes and will give up on you unexpectedly. 

T-shirts are really great for stocking up on because they add variety and versatility, plus they offer an option to layer with thicker garments (such as a hoodie). Believe it or not, a white (or black) T-shirt can add a lot of variety in your style. 

Especially if you use different jackets. Jean jacket, anyone? 


Some items are most definitely more important than others. If you have a limited budget and can only purchase certain items (so basically all students), then you probably shouldn’t blow it all on something like a Gucci scarf. Listen to the advice of GQ and Mr Porter; have fashion goals, focus on the essentials and don’t forget to accessorize! What are your favorite accessories? 

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