7 Fashion Hacks to Become the MOST Handsome Man

Bokeh effect of a man wearing a diamond dog tag and a large black overcoat. Layered on top of a black T-shirt.
Yes, my friend. That is, in fact, Jeremy Meeks (or the ‘hot felon’).

Some men in this world were bound to be Mark Zuckerbergs, i.e., people who dress so plainly and boring that they may as well just become minimalists and live with a wardrobe made up of only three shirts. But you don’t want to be like that, do you?

According to science, it only takes one-tenth of a second for someone to form an impression of you. That impression takes everything into account; from personality, facial features—and, you guessed it—clothing.

So why not make a lasting, positive impression right off the bat?

In today’s blog post, we’ll go over some fashion hacks that separate the sheep from the goats, or that will simply boost your overall appearance.

Let’s get into it.

1 | Steer Clear of Wrinkles

Wrinkled white dress shirt hanged in front of a concrete wall with small holes in it.
This is most commonly the result of a) too many clothes in the wash/dryer, or b) improper storage, such as folding them while they are damp. Moisture and heat create creases.

No! Put down that anti-aging cream. Not those kinds of wrinkles.

I’m talking about wrinkled clothing.

Wrinkles are a telltale sign that you don’t bother taking care of yourself. It broadcasts to the world that you don’t care about your appearance.

As a result, it damages people’s initial impression of you, which we don’t want happening.

Besides the tried-and-tested method of busting out an iron and an ironing board, you can even throw in a wet towel with your shirt when you are using the dryer. The steam evaporates and smoothes the shirts.

It’s ironing, but without your attention.

2 | Keep the Canvas Blank

Crisp white dress shirt hanged on a coathanger. Ink stain in the breast pocket due to an ink pen.
Ink stains! Although, who even uses pens anymore? So old school.

Stains will stain your reputation. Pun intended. It’s visually distracting to see a stain on clothing, as they can stick out, which basically shouts “Look at me!”

A great and easy way to remove stains is by adding dishwashing liquid/laundry detergent onto the stain in question and rubbing it with something like an old toothbrush.

Problem solved.

3 | Nail the Fit

Off-white shirt and blue chinos with white sneakers. Groomed man with beard looking to the side and posing with one leg on its toes.
This is a great fit, from top to bottom; the shoes, the pants, and the shirt.

Fit is key. I can’t emphasize that enough.

If you feel that your wardrobe is lacking, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy new clothes. All you need is better clothing.

Better doesn’t mean that they should be made of 100% silk or 100% wool.

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple trip to the tailor with your jeans, shirts, and chinos. Besides, it’s not expensive—$10 for a pair of pants.

Check out this example from The Huffington Post, which further proves my point:

Comparison of fit: left has a dark green ill fitting shirt with light beige chinos and dark brown shoes. 
Right has a cable knit grey turtleneck which is well fitting, with a slightly more saturated shade of chinos and the same dark brown shoes.
The tailored clothing (right) showcases the muscular features of this man without seeming too obnoxious. Which one looks better? I know.

4 | Make Way for Color

Some men cling to the color black like a moth to a flame.

Many men are very scared of color because they don’t want to appear as ‘feminine’—abstaining from exiting their comfort zone and trying something new.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that!

If you want to stick out from the crowd, you need to incorporate some color in your outfits. You don’t have to wear bright pink or neon— all it can take is a shade of red, a dark green, or a fall-inspired orange.

5 | Know Yourself

Image for post
Confidence translates into fashion as well. When you are confident and able to hold your head high, nothing is stopping you. t

Alluding to the previous point, you need to know yourself and be confident in your own skin.

When you dress a certain way, you need to feel that it suits you. Style icons such as A$AP Rocky, Tom Ford, David Beckham, and Channing Tatum all share one crucial trait: confidence.

Own your look!— chin up, shoulders back.

“Genuine style icons are those who go their own way with a self-confidence that comes from their clothes being a second skin, not a costume” — FashionBeans

6 | Groom that Beauty

Image for post
Perfect grooming! Tidy eyebrows, tidy facial hair, and a great overall balance.

Unibrows are a big no-no. The same goes for scraggly face hair, untamed mustaches, and that dreaded, stereotypical ‘neckbeard’.

Keep tweezers, a good trimmer, and some clip guards on hand at all times. You’ll need it!

7 | Say NO to Trends

Ripped jeans, bucket hats, oversized jeans, tie-dye, overly obnoxious colors; they’ll all fade away someday. Instead of aiming for clothing that will only stick around for a few months at best, try the classics. Check out my article about essentials, and you’ll see what I mean.

Just look at 90’s fashion. Did it stick around? No.


All in all, it takes some work to become a rather well-dressed man. With some good work and attention to detail, you’ll be sure that you can stick out of the crowd and leave a lasting, good impression on everyone you meet. Some of the most tips were that you should have clean, good-looking clothes while even looking good yourself (you, the wearer!)

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