How to Organize your Wardrobe

Organizing a wardrobe can be an arduous task. We all come across that piece of clothing that we are virtually inseparable from, such as your favorite (but gross) t-shirt. It can even be a shirt you decided to keep because a family member or friend gifted it to you, and you didn’t want to hurt their feelings by throwing it away.

There are, however, times where you just need to let go. If you want to open your wardrobe and only see good items that you actually want to wear, you have to get rid of some clothes.

For one, it’s more pleasing on the eyes—this makes choosing your outfit much easier to choose. Your eyes don’t need to focus on mounds of unorganized, subpar clothes. Being organized is something ongoing, so you need to build the habit of sorting your wardrobe occasionally. This is crucial, something many simply fail to do; your wardrobe won’t look like an Instagram aesthetics post if you just do it one time. You need to build a habit.

It will take time, yes, sure, but it will have tremendous benefits down the line. Take the time to have a good look through your wardrobe and you’ll thank yourself later.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Let’s Start Subtracting

Your unused clothing will be recycled. Pants with different colors arranged in the recycle symbol.

Does the clothing in question have unremovable stains, holes, or a putrid smell that doesn’t go away? Do you not love it anymore — does it even fit anymore?

Did you ‘impulse buy’ it and you no longer want it?

Is it uncomfortable, or out of trend?

Well, if something fits the criteria of the above, then you need to get rid of it. How you get rid of it is up to you, such as donating or throwing away.

It can be tricky to get rid of items you love, however; you need to think that someone in need may utilize it better than you ever will. Sort it into piles of donate/trash and go through ’em one by one.

2. Some Inspiration Doesn’t Hurt

It can be a great idea to get some inspiration for wardrobe designs online. Many different blogs, such as this one, can offer insight into possible wardrobe designs. Perhaps you can get new shelves, new hanging racks or even storage boxes to organize them neatly and aesthetically. Do your research.

3. Hang or Fold?

A general rule of thumb is that you should hang anything delicate (such as wool and silk), something fancy (such as that crisp dress shirt or that tuxedo). Fold anything that isn’t described above, such as pajamas, t-shirts, and pants—this includes jeans and sweaters.

4. Utilitze Storage Boxes

Storage Box with Lid Organization for home wardrobe closet – MacCorral | Storage  boxes with lids, Wardrobe boxes, Fabric storage boxes

Something new I’ve come across is the usage of storage boxes. It can ease your storage options by organizing items such as socks, underwear, and other thin clothes, like tank tops and scarves in one place.

Final Thoughts

The thought of organizing your wardrobe can make you roll your eyes. There’s a good reason for that: organizing a wardrobe is not something one does regularly (or thinks about, for that matter). However, just a single hour of rational thought and a keen eye for order in your wardrobe can be straight up eye candy (plus it’ll be easier to pick an outfit!)

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