5 Interesting Pieces to Put You in the Spotlight

Bold, brilliant, and sophisticated. 

Most of us walk through life with a bare-bones and simple-minded understanding of style. 

Hell, some think that just having something that covers your private parts will suffice. It’s ridiculous. However, some pieces defy all expectations. They turn heads, garner respect, and give off a sophisticated, manly vibe. 

The courage needed to sport these pieces can be incredibly frustrating to gather for some; it all boils down to one thing, though. 

That one thing is confidence

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With it, you can wear anything and feel good about it. Now, I’m not giving you the green light to wear beaten up clothes just because you have the confidence to do it. I’m saying that you can explore an entirely different realm of style, as long as you have the confidence to do it. 

 Without further ado, let’s dive into it. 

1. Turtlenecks

Muscular man with black sunglasses wearing a black turtleneck and a beige overcoat folded in his arms
Shout-out to Rowan Row. This guy is a fitness, fashion, and health beast. 

Turtlenecks are hidden gems in modern fashion. Frankly, many have never even taken the time to explore them. 

I can tell you one thing about exploring them—it’s worth it. 

Well-fitted turtlenecks can highlight the body and give the illusion of broader shoulders, all while increasing your IQ by 300 (it’s scientifically proven!)

2. Sherpa Jackets 

Man with fluffy hair and beard wearing a light blue sherpa jacket, black pants and brown dress shoes.
Great outfit, Raphaël

Sherpa-lined jackets are a cozier, more insulating alternative to the classics you would usually wear during the warmer months (we miss you, summer!) 

They just so happen to look good, too! For all my vegan friends out there, I usually stick to synthetic materials myself. 

3. Overcoats

Collage of three men dressed in overcoats. Left: grey overcoat with white shirt, middle: beige overcoat with beige shirt, and right: mottled grey overcoat with black shirt and tie.
Overcoats! There are so many different variations, colors, and ways of styling them. The sky is the limit.

Overcoats, in my eyes, are seen as very authoritative and sensational wardrobe pieces. They are becoming less popular; sure, but I’m glad to say that they are still here to stay. 

Elegant, warming, masculine, and most importantly—bold. You are now ready to conquer the world. 

4. The “Sweater Over Shirt”

James Bond wearing a dark sweater, white shirt, tie, and grey jeans.
You’re killing it, Mr. Bond!

This brilliant look will never go out of style. If James Bond can pull it off, why can’t you? 

This look also includes an IQ increase, believe it or not! 

5. Leather Jacket 

David Beckham with his black leather jacket. Chain hanging on the side of his blue jeans.
David Beckham sporting a leather jacket.

Leather jackets are typically only viewed as jackets for the ‘bad boys’ who are up to no good. With all that aside, It sure is one hell of a statement piece; added confidence is also a good bonus. Hair slicked back, leather jacket, chain, all-black outfit. Just look at David Beckham do it. 

GQ does NOT mess around with the power of a leather jacket. Here’s an excerpt of one of their articles that proves my point even further: 

“Here’s a brief hypothetical that illustrates the raw power of the best leather jackets for men: Let’s say you’re going to a party. (Remember those? We’re post-COVID in this hypothetical.) You aren’t even dressed yet, and your anxiety is already begging you to stay put, hoodie up, and introduce your old pal Thai food to your new boo Disney+. What are your options? Instead, you do the only reasonable thing left: you slip on an immaculate leather jacket, give yourself a couple of Fonz’s thumbs in the mirror (“AYY!”), and then proceed to charm the living daylights out of everyone you encounter for the rest of the evening.”

Final Thoughts

I hope you found some great value in this article. This was my take on some bold pieces that command respect and shine the spotlight directly on you. Be aware; though, some are heavily debated (such as turtlenecks and sherpa jackets, thanks, PETA!)

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Don’t forget to personally reach out to me if you want any fashion advice and the like! You can find my Instagram and email on the blog. 

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