How to Style a Bomber Jacket In 5 Sleek Ways: The David Beckham Effect

Behold the streetwear takeover

David Beckham sporting a maroon bomber jacket layered on top of a black T-shirt with a serious look on his face

Does anybody remember the time when a brand of shoes, going for hundreds of friggin’ dollars a pair, sold out in 10 minutes?

Ah, Kanye West, you son of a gun. 

With sought-after brands like Supreme, Kanye West (yes, he is a brand!), and Off-White, it’s hard to deny that streetwear is becoming more popular. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, streetwear is definitely on the rise. 

One thing that is also rapidly rising in popularity? 

Bomber jackets! 

This seemingly subtle piece of outerwear is becoming more prevalent in the streets of big cities — from London to New York, and even in the frigid Nordic countries.

As simple as they may seem, they are an amazing compliment to any outfit; the dark, solid colors go well with basically any colors. From sage to black, to brown, they are the perfect match. 

In this list, we’ll go over some great ways to style a bomber jacket (plus even my favorite way thrown in there!) Even if it’s still cold where you may live, bomber jackets can even be layered on top of hoodies and sweaters to provide excellent warmth and comfort. 

Let’s get it into it!

1. Solid on Solid 

A man wearing a crimson bomber jacket layered on top of a black, plain T-shirt, and black pants.

One of the most modern looks that employ the bomber jacket is the ‘solid on solid’ look. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what the outfit is focused on: solids! 

According to The Guardian, wearing red may raise your attractiveness. It all boils down to the psychology of color and how people perceive you. Even if some think it’s a myth, it may be something worth experimenting with. 

2. The ‘Formal’ Look

A man posing with a green bomber jacket on top of a black turtleneck, black pants and white Adidas leather sneakers

A more formal approach to the bomber jacket is the turtleneck approach. It is a tad bit more professional and streamlined than the traditional streetwear look—this further proves my point that bomber jackets are very versatile!  

3. The ‘Streetwear’ Streetwear Look

A bright photo showing a man wearing ripped light blue jeans, brown Timbs, a green bomber jacket and a white shirt. Sitting on a bench

Now, now, now…

This is the look when it comes to the bomber jacket. The colors go so well together— the brown boots that go well with the green and the blue jeans that tie them together so well. 

4. The Classic Hoodie

Kanye West wearing a velvet crimson hoodie and a black bomber jacket on top of it.

See this super-duper expensive-looking velvet-soft hoodie that Kanye West is rocking? 

In my eyes, it’s just a hoodie. 

Even if it’s a $20 cotton hoodie from H&M, it’ll do the job. This is my favorite look out of all the ways to style a bomber jacket. It ticks all the boxes: comfortable, warm, simple, yet so brilliant. 

A hoodie is already versatile as is; the versatile bomber jacket is the cherry on top. 

5. The Simple T-Shirt; The “Golden Look”

All black outfit: bomber jacket, shirt, pants and dark-gold sunglasses.

At the end of the day, it’s back to basics. 

This appearance is stylish yet so simple. I highly recommend it. 


So, that was my take on bomber jackets!

A bomber jacket is a great way to spice up your wardrobe and add a little bit of a unique taste to it. Whether you prefer wearing only solid colors and thin shirts under it, to more formal looks, and even to layered looks, more power to you! 

I believe that combining a hoodie with a bomber jacket is the best look—try it for yourself and see just how great it is.

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