These 5 Tips Will Make You More Body Confident if You’re Often Anxious

Man in a black suit sitting at a table and drinking coffee near a café. Bearded and with black hair, confident look.
Confidence is not something that appears overnight; rather, it is something gradually built over time. 

Imagine this: you get sick and tired of your old clothes and want to do a wardrobe overhaul by experimenting with fun colors and more depth. Maybe you want to try layering or new jackets. 

Enthusiastically, you start planning your new wardrobe. Then, something strange happens. Your brain sort of rejects the ‘new you’. It forces you back into your comfort zone by alerting you that you look too fat or too ugly in the new outfits. 

The fact of the matter is this: low self-esteem and anxiety can be detrimental to growing as a person. Be it through becoming more stylish, more confident, and feeling as happy as possible, we can all benefit from more self-esteem. 

The book I’m reading right now (or more precisely, listening to) has revolutionizing tips. One of them says: “As long as you improve by 1% every single day, you will be a completely different [better] person compared to before.”

I’m recommending the book because it goes hand in hand with what this post is going to be about; namely, daily habits that accumulate and make you a new, improved person. 

In this article, I’ll be going over some crucial tips that, over time, accumulate and make you stronger than ever before. Let’s dive in! 

1. Chin up, head high

As American Express put it: “Your body language can be a useful instrument to appear confident”. A great way to achieve this is by holding your chin up parallel with the ground (but never below) when walking, and keeping your head held up high. There’s a metaphorical connotation to it, but it’s true. 

By standing up straight, taking up more space when walking and sitting, and even by keeping your pockets out of your hands, you can feel more confident. 

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy preaches this, saying that it makes you confident by making your body produce more testosterone; this causes you to feel more in control and assertive. 

2. Leverage the power of black

The color black may seem like a boring color, but it’s something worth investing in if you want to feel more body confident—myself included. 

Black t-shirts, pants, and jackets are great ways to make you feel bolder, by making you appear taller and slimmer. Try it! It’s a magical effect. 

3. Smile!

Sometimes, the only thing that you need to do is simply smile. Smiling whenever you see someone you know (or maybe even don’t know!) can be a great way to make you feel more grateful and overall more in touch with your inner and outer. 

The science behind it is that frequently smiling stimulates your brain’s production of chemicals that make you sense yourself as more in touch, at peace, and welcomed. 

Monochrome picture of a man smiling with his teeth visibile.
Smile! Show your pearly whites. 

4. Pick well-fitting clothes

Picking well-fitting clothes can be of great importance when you want to feel better about yourself. They highlight your best features; nice curves, better shape, and give off the illusion that you are taller

5. Exercise and hydrate often 

Exercise has numerous cognitive and physiological effects that many of you are no strangers to. 

Based on both short-term and long-term, exercise improves your mood, boosts energy, and can be an excellent way to feel more confident about your body. 

Everything counts; start small by going on short walks, then longer walks, then gradually ease into weight training (which is a deadly combo together with cardio!) 

Hydrating is an important contributor to your mood as well. Everyone knows that feeling when you’re thirsty; you feel groggy, experience mood swings, and you tend to snap at any living thing in your vicinity. 

My personal tip is that you buy a one-liter bottle and drink throughout the day, refilling it 2–3 times a day. Make sure it’s cold water, as it tends to improve alertness.

Rounding Off 

By projecting confident body language, such as by not slouching, and even keeping your head up, you will feel insanely more confident. 

Habits, such as often smiling, drinking loads of water, and exercising can be excellent ways to make you more content with your character. Pay attention to the clothes, as well! 

When the body is with the mind, all is well. 

If you found something of value in this article, be sure to let me know by showing some support! Anything is appreciated. 

Questions, or just up for a chat? Contact me: email me, or hit me up on Instagram.

Until next time! 

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