6 Spring Essentials All Guys in the World Should Own

Man with perms in his dark hair wearing suede brown leather jacket/bomber jacket, white T-shirt for a base layer and black pants with white sneakers.
Rowan Row

The starting signal of 2021 came with extreme weather, frigid conditions, and lots and lots of power outages, as a reminder that the shit-show that was 2020 has finally passed. Most of us, however, are still optimistic for 2021.

Especially me, with spring finally in the air (for us in the northern hemisphere!)

In my eyes, spring is a time where one can (finally) dress lightly, but you never know when the temps are going to drop all of a sudden. I once made the mistake of going out wearing shorts and a T-shirt in the middle of March. Bad idea.

To keep you guys from making mistakes while dressing for spring, I’ve compiled six items that will aid you in transitioning into this beautiful season.

Let’s jump into it.

Brown man wearing sunglasses, beige chinos, white t-shirt and a tote bag in his right hand. Accessorized with watch and bracelet.

1. Chinos

Chinos are, without a slither of a doubt, one of the most comfortable alternatives to jeans. Their soft, light feel paired with the vibrant colors (such as beige) give off a very summery vibe.

Be sure to pick a pair that fits you well, as they make you appear slimmer. Check out this collection of H&M chinos—a personal favorite of mine. I like the fact that they are cheap, comfortable, yet still durable.

White guy wearing dark blue denim jacket, white t shirt and holding sunglasses.
Shout out to Christopher Bark.

2. Denim Jackets

If you’ve seen any of my previous articles about essentials and jackets, you would already know that I’m a huge fan of jean jackets.

Why am I such a fan of them? Well, partly because they are stylish—their bold texture clearly stands out—but they are also versatile. Apart from keeping you warm, they also keep you cool. That’s why denim jackets are so great for spring; they are a hybrid of seasonal clothing.

Hold on to your t-shirt and short looks for now!

White guy with nice, styled hair, wearing a camo shirt, ripped dark pants, and a coffee mug.
Shouts out to Stefano Tratto. Nice hair!

3. Sunglasses

“Why the hell did you place sunglasses in this list?” you may ask.

No, it’s not just the fact that they protect your eyes from irreversible damage; take that from science.

It’s actually something different.

It all boils down to what sunglasses—as an accessory instead of a practical gadget—bring to the table. Sunglasses shape your face, giving off the illusion of a more symmetrical, attractive appearance. Yes, just by sliding on a pair of sunglasses, you can become sexier.

Be sure to match the shape of your sunglasses with your face, though. You can do this by paying attention to your face shape in a mirror and comparing its shape to this chart. Glasses that are incompatible with your face can look weird.

White polo, checkered gray pants and a muscular man with huge biceps. Stylish, with sunglasses in his hand.
Credit: Rowan Row, a style powerhouse

4. Polo Shirts

Amazing base layer? Check. Charming? Yes. Sexy? Definitely.

Even if you don’t work out regularly, finding a well-fitting polo can make your biceps and chest pop out. Don’t make the same mistake I used to make—wearing too tight of a polo, which can quite literally block your circulation.

Brown man wearing gray t-shirt, black pants and white sneakers. He is sitting ona white chair on a dark, wood floor.

5. White sneakers

White sneakers are a favorite among the style community! The way white goes with everything makes white footwear an excellent choice. In spring, It’s generally a good idea to stick to sneakers. When summer rolls around, you can definitely sport more “open-top” shoes.

Man wearing an off-white bomber jacket with a white t-shirt as a base layer, along with black chinos and white Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

6. Bomber Jackets

Nylon, leather, cotton—you name it, a bomber is made of it.

Lighter fabrics, especially those made of synthetics (and even leather) are excellent for spring/early summer.

Go with gray, green, maroon, blue, or brown, or literally any color, and you’ll turn heads, for sure.


There you have it! 6 spring essentials—marvelous, attractive, and bold.

  • Chinos, preferably tailored
  • Denim Jackets, well-fitting and not Sherpa-lined; we’re not in winter anymore.
  • Sunglasses
  • Polo shirts that are not too tight
  • Crisp white sneakers
  • Light bomber jackets

A pro tip is that you always go for sunglasses that flatter your face shape. The thing is, you don’t even have to go for Ray-Bans that cost hundreds of dollars, believe it or not.

Check out my other posts, such as these 5 eye-catching accessories or how to style a bomber jacket in 5 sleek ways. Follow me, as I guide you to a more stylish lifestyle.

Got a question about style in general? Shoot me a DM on Instagram, or message me.

Until next time!

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