4 Spring Outfits Guaranteed To Make You Stand Out

Man with pompadour hairstyle wearing sunglasses and leather jacket layered on top of a white dress shirt and black pants. Also wearing a white watch with dark blue straps.

Do you want to sport stunning clothing that will get you compliments right, left, and center?

Are you tired of having to wear the same old, boring clothes that you also wore last spring?

If so, stick around, as I showcase some of my favorite outfits that are guaranteed to make you stand out.

This list is also GQ approved, so don’t worry; the experts have got your back.

1. Color Explosion

Color is a great thing when it comes to dressing in the warmer months.

Evolutionary traits show that humans are naturally attracted to color. Use this to your advantage by adding a splash of color to your outfit— plus you don’t even have to go overboard, a little will go a long way.

2. Or The Opposite

While we humans do like color, we also like a little bit of mysteriousness. A dark outfit can have a great place in your wardrobe, but only for the early spring months. Once again; don’t go overboard!

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3. Jacket-Less

For when the weather is just too damn hot.

4. Flannels!

The key to standing out (among other things) is by wearing bold patterns. Flannels are excellent for that, because of their unique colors and unmistakable pattern.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! 5 different outfits that are guaranteed to make you stand out. These five outfits are my personal favorites, and of course, I would never recommend something that I personally don’t believe in.

A great rule of thumb for dressing for spring is this:

  • Jacket, preferably cotton
  • Base layer, t-shirt, or lighter shirt
  • Chinos or lighter jeans
  • Sneakers, preferably white

With that all being said, I greatly appreciate you all for liking, sharing this post, and following my page. Why not check out my other posts on men’s style?

Until next time!

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