4 Spring Outfits Guaranteed To Make You Stand Out

Man with pompadour hairstyle wearing sunglasses and leather jacket layered on top of a white dress shirt and black pants. Also wearing a white watch with dark blue straps.

Do you want to sport stunning clothing that will get you compliments right, left, and center?

Are you tired of having to wear the same old, boring clothes that you also wore last spring?

If so, stick around, as I showcase some of my favorite outfits that are guaranteed to make you stand out.

This list is also GQ approved, so don’t worry; the experts have got your back.

1. Color Explosion

Color is a great thing when it comes to dressing in the warmer months.

Evolutionary traits show that humans are naturally attracted to color. Use this to your advantage by adding a splash of color to your outfit— plus you don’t even have to go overboard, a little will go a long way.

2. Or The Opposite

While we humans do like color, we also like a little bit of mysteriousness. A dark outfit can have a great place in your wardrobe, but only for the early spring months. Once again; don’t go overboard!

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3. Jacket-Less

For when the weather is just too damn hot.

4. Flannels!

The key to standing out (among other things) is by wearing bold patterns. Flannels are excellent for that, because of their unique colors and unmistakable pattern.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! 5 different outfits that are guaranteed to make you stand out. These five outfits are my personal favorites, and of course, I would never recommend something that I personally don’t believe in.

A great rule of thumb for dressing for spring is this:

  • Jacket, preferably cotton
  • Base layer, t-shirt, or lighter shirt
  • Chinos or lighter jeans
  • Sneakers, preferably white

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These 4 Pieces Are the Best for Those in a Hurry

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

GQ. Esquire. Vogue. What do they all have in common? Apart from being about men’s fashion, their outfits can require a lot of attention, care, and time. And like money, time doesn’t grow on trees. We all wish it would, but you and me? We’re both just humans racing against the clock. 

In this post, I’ve compiled my top 4 items; items that provide comfort and convenience, all without sacrificing stylishness. These hidden gems are guaranteed to make you think “Where have these been all my life?”

Without further ado, let’s hop into it. 

A dark-skinned man wearing dark leggings and laceless black Adidas Ultraboost shoes
Laceless shoes give you freedom and convenience without sacrificing stylishness. 

1. Laceless Shoes

When you hear the name laceless shoes, you probably imagine a pair of super-expensive Balenciagas that cost as much as a brand new iPhone. Spoiler-alert: that is not true. 

I can’t even count how many hours laceless shoes have saved me. These little-known gems can be your best friend if you’re in a hurry, saving you precious time for the crucial things in life—errands, appointments, commutes, etc. 

The ones I’m rocking are from Adidas, but there are many others from Nike and Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few. 

Man wearing tracksuit with open zipper and a white t-shirt layered under, and wearing white sneakers.
Rowan Row

2. Versatile Sportswear

With sportswear blurring the lines between style and athletic wear, the term athleisure has started becoming more and more common. They just so happen to be very handy for when you are in a rush. 

Track pants, such as those by Nike, Puma, and Adidas, are the leaders in the athleisure movements. It’s best to pair a few ‘regular’ items with a few athletic ones. 

Let your creativity run wild! 

A man wearing dark brown chinos, a tucked in black t-shirt with glasses, canvas shoes, and a watch.

3. Elegant T-Shirts

Some t-shirts are more worthy of the title ‘elegant’ than your typical print t-shirts.

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Solid colors will always be the de facto standard of T-shirts. You could go with maroon, dark blue, black, and white. Layer it over a light jacket, and you’re all set!

A man wearing a grey hoodie layered on top of a white t-shirt, with black ripped jeans, and suede brown Chelsea boots.

4. Trusty Hoodies

And to save the best for last; the icing on the cake; the best of the best: hoodies

I like hoodies because they come in a wide range of marvelous colors, while still offering protection against the elements, and still, helping you look dapper. 


When you look at the clock and see that you only have 5 minutes to get dressed, the last thing you’d want to put on is a complex outfit. Opting for simpler alternatives doesn’t mean you’ll be less stylish; the opposite will happen. 

Whenever you’re in a hurry, opt for laceless shoes, and you can even layer a hoodie on top of sportswear. 

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6 Spring Essentials All Guys in the World Should Own

Man with perms in his dark hair wearing suede brown leather jacket/bomber jacket, white T-shirt for a base layer and black pants with white sneakers.
Rowan Row

The starting signal of 2021 came with extreme weather, frigid conditions, and lots and lots of power outages, as a reminder that the shit-show that was 2020 has finally passed. Most of us, however, are still optimistic for 2021.

Especially me, with spring finally in the air (for us in the northern hemisphere!)

In my eyes, spring is a time where one can (finally) dress lightly, but you never know when the temps are going to drop all of a sudden. I once made the mistake of going out wearing shorts and a T-shirt in the middle of March. Bad idea.

To keep you guys from making mistakes while dressing for spring, I’ve compiled six items that will aid you in transitioning into this beautiful season.

Let’s jump into it.

Brown man wearing sunglasses, beige chinos, white t-shirt and a tote bag in his right hand. Accessorized with watch and bracelet.

1. Chinos

Chinos are, without a slither of a doubt, one of the most comfortable alternatives to jeans. Their soft, light feel paired with the vibrant colors (such as beige) give off a very summery vibe.

Be sure to pick a pair that fits you well, as they make you appear slimmer. Check out this collection of H&M chinos—a personal favorite of mine. I like the fact that they are cheap, comfortable, yet still durable.

White guy wearing dark blue denim jacket, white t shirt and holding sunglasses.
Shout out to Christopher Bark.

2. Denim Jackets

If you’ve seen any of my previous articles about essentials and jackets, you would already know that I’m a huge fan of jean jackets.

Why am I such a fan of them? Well, partly because they are stylish—their bold texture clearly stands out—but they are also versatile. Apart from keeping you warm, they also keep you cool. That’s why denim jackets are so great for spring; they are a hybrid of seasonal clothing.

Hold on to your t-shirt and short looks for now!

White guy with nice, styled hair, wearing a camo shirt, ripped dark pants, and a coffee mug.
Shouts out to Stefano Tratto. Nice hair!

3. Sunglasses

“Why the hell did you place sunglasses in this list?” you may ask.

No, it’s not just the fact that they protect your eyes from irreversible damage; take that from science.

It’s actually something different.

It all boils down to what sunglasses—as an accessory instead of a practical gadget—bring to the table. Sunglasses shape your face, giving off the illusion of a more symmetrical, attractive appearance. Yes, just by sliding on a pair of sunglasses, you can become sexier.

Be sure to match the shape of your sunglasses with your face, though. You can do this by paying attention to your face shape in a mirror and comparing its shape to this chart. Glasses that are incompatible with your face can look weird.

White polo, checkered gray pants and a muscular man with huge biceps. Stylish, with sunglasses in his hand.
Credit: Rowan Row, a style powerhouse

4. Polo Shirts

Amazing base layer? Check. Charming? Yes. Sexy? Definitely.

Even if you don’t work out regularly, finding a well-fitting polo can make your biceps and chest pop out. Don’t make the same mistake I used to make—wearing too tight of a polo, which can quite literally block your circulation.

Brown man wearing gray t-shirt, black pants and white sneakers. He is sitting ona white chair on a dark, wood floor.

5. White sneakers

White sneakers are a favorite among the style community! The way white goes with everything makes white footwear an excellent choice. In spring, It’s generally a good idea to stick to sneakers. When summer rolls around, you can definitely sport more “open-top” shoes.

Man wearing an off-white bomber jacket with a white t-shirt as a base layer, along with black chinos and white Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

6. Bomber Jackets

Nylon, leather, cotton—you name it, a bomber is made of it.

Lighter fabrics, especially those made of synthetics (and even leather) are excellent for spring/early summer.

Go with gray, green, maroon, blue, or brown, or literally any color, and you’ll turn heads, for sure.


There you have it! 6 spring essentials—marvelous, attractive, and bold.

  • Chinos, preferably tailored
  • Denim Jackets, well-fitting and not Sherpa-lined; we’re not in winter anymore.
  • Sunglasses
  • Polo shirts that are not too tight
  • Crisp white sneakers
  • Light bomber jackets

A pro tip is that you always go for sunglasses that flatter your face shape. The thing is, you don’t even have to go for Ray-Bans that cost hundreds of dollars, believe it or not.

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These 5 Tips Will Make You More Body Confident if You’re Often Anxious

Man in a black suit sitting at a table and drinking coffee near a café. Bearded and with black hair, confident look.
Confidence is not something that appears overnight; rather, it is something gradually built over time. 

Imagine this: you get sick and tired of your old clothes and want to do a wardrobe overhaul by experimenting with fun colors and more depth. Maybe you want to try layering or new jackets. 

Enthusiastically, you start planning your new wardrobe. Then, something strange happens. Your brain sort of rejects the ‘new you’. It forces you back into your comfort zone by alerting you that you look too fat or too ugly in the new outfits. 

The fact of the matter is this: low self-esteem and anxiety can be detrimental to growing as a person. Be it through becoming more stylish, more confident, and feeling as happy as possible, we can all benefit from more self-esteem. 

The book I’m reading right now (or more precisely, listening to) has revolutionizing tips. One of them says: “As long as you improve by 1% every single day, you will be a completely different [better] person compared to before.”

I’m recommending the book because it goes hand in hand with what this post is going to be about; namely, daily habits that accumulate and make you a new, improved person. 

In this article, I’ll be going over some crucial tips that, over time, accumulate and make you stronger than ever before. Let’s dive in! 

1. Chin up, head high

As American Express put it: “Your body language can be a useful instrument to appear confident”. A great way to achieve this is by holding your chin up parallel with the ground (but never below) when walking, and keeping your head held up high. There’s a metaphorical connotation to it, but it’s true. 

By standing up straight, taking up more space when walking and sitting, and even by keeping your pockets out of your hands, you can feel more confident. 

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy preaches this, saying that it makes you confident by making your body produce more testosterone; this causes you to feel more in control and assertive. 

2. Leverage the power of black

The color black may seem like a boring color, but it’s something worth investing in if you want to feel more body confident—myself included. 

Black t-shirts, pants, and jackets are great ways to make you feel bolder, by making you appear taller and slimmer. Try it! It’s a magical effect. 

3. Smile!

Sometimes, the only thing that you need to do is simply smile. Smiling whenever you see someone you know (or maybe even don’t know!) can be a great way to make you feel more grateful and overall more in touch with your inner and outer. 

The science behind it is that frequently smiling stimulates your brain’s production of chemicals that make you sense yourself as more in touch, at peace, and welcomed. 

Monochrome picture of a man smiling with his teeth visibile.
Smile! Show your pearly whites. 

4. Pick well-fitting clothes

Picking well-fitting clothes can be of great importance when you want to feel better about yourself. They highlight your best features; nice curves, better shape, and give off the illusion that you are taller

5. Exercise and hydrate often 

Exercise has numerous cognitive and physiological effects that many of you are no strangers to. 

Based on both short-term and long-term, exercise improves your mood, boosts energy, and can be an excellent way to feel more confident about your body. 

Everything counts; start small by going on short walks, then longer walks, then gradually ease into weight training (which is a deadly combo together with cardio!) 

Hydrating is an important contributor to your mood as well. Everyone knows that feeling when you’re thirsty; you feel groggy, experience mood swings, and you tend to snap at any living thing in your vicinity. 

My personal tip is that you buy a one-liter bottle and drink throughout the day, refilling it 2–3 times a day. Make sure it’s cold water, as it tends to improve alertness.

Rounding Off 

By projecting confident body language, such as by not slouching, and even keeping your head up, you will feel insanely more confident. 

Habits, such as often smiling, drinking loads of water, and exercising can be excellent ways to make you more content with your character. Pay attention to the clothes, as well! 

When the body is with the mind, all is well. 

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How to Style a Bomber Jacket In 5 Sleek Ways: The David Beckham Effect

Behold the streetwear takeover

David Beckham sporting a maroon bomber jacket layered on top of a black T-shirt with a serious look on his face

Does anybody remember the time when a brand of shoes, going for hundreds of friggin’ dollars a pair, sold out in 10 minutes?

Ah, Kanye West, you son of a gun. 

With sought-after brands like Supreme, Kanye West (yes, he is a brand!), and Off-White, it’s hard to deny that streetwear is becoming more popular. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, streetwear is definitely on the rise. 

One thing that is also rapidly rising in popularity? 

Bomber jackets! 

This seemingly subtle piece of outerwear is becoming more prevalent in the streets of big cities — from London to New York, and even in the frigid Nordic countries.

As simple as they may seem, they are an amazing compliment to any outfit; the dark, solid colors go well with basically any colors. From sage to black, to brown, they are the perfect match. 

In this list, we’ll go over some great ways to style a bomber jacket (plus even my favorite way thrown in there!) Even if it’s still cold where you may live, bomber jackets can even be layered on top of hoodies and sweaters to provide excellent warmth and comfort. 

Let’s get it into it!

1. Solid on Solid 

A man wearing a crimson bomber jacket layered on top of a black, plain T-shirt, and black pants.

One of the most modern looks that employ the bomber jacket is the ‘solid on solid’ look. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what the outfit is focused on: solids! 

According to The Guardian, wearing red may raise your attractiveness. It all boils down to the psychology of color and how people perceive you. Even if some think it’s a myth, it may be something worth experimenting with. 

2. The ‘Formal’ Look

A man posing with a green bomber jacket on top of a black turtleneck, black pants and white Adidas leather sneakers

A more formal approach to the bomber jacket is the turtleneck approach. It is a tad bit more professional and streamlined than the traditional streetwear look—this further proves my point that bomber jackets are very versatile!  

3. The ‘Streetwear’ Streetwear Look

A bright photo showing a man wearing ripped light blue jeans, brown Timbs, a green bomber jacket and a white shirt. Sitting on a bench

Now, now, now…

This is the look when it comes to the bomber jacket. The colors go so well together— the brown boots that go well with the green and the blue jeans that tie them together so well. 

4. The Classic Hoodie

Kanye West wearing a velvet crimson hoodie and a black bomber jacket on top of it.

See this super-duper expensive-looking velvet-soft hoodie that Kanye West is rocking? 

In my eyes, it’s just a hoodie. 

Even if it’s a $20 cotton hoodie from H&M, it’ll do the job. This is my favorite look out of all the ways to style a bomber jacket. It ticks all the boxes: comfortable, warm, simple, yet so brilliant. 

A hoodie is already versatile as is; the versatile bomber jacket is the cherry on top. 

5. The Simple T-Shirt; The “Golden Look”

All black outfit: bomber jacket, shirt, pants and dark-gold sunglasses.

At the end of the day, it’s back to basics. 

This appearance is stylish yet so simple. I highly recommend it. 


So, that was my take on bomber jackets!

A bomber jacket is a great way to spice up your wardrobe and add a little bit of a unique taste to it. Whether you prefer wearing only solid colors and thin shirts under it, to more formal looks, and even to layered looks, more power to you! 

I believe that combining a hoodie with a bomber jacket is the best look—try it for yourself and see just how great it is.

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5 Interesting Pieces to Put You in the Spotlight

Bold, brilliant, and sophisticated. 

Most of us walk through life with a bare-bones and simple-minded understanding of style. 

Hell, some think that just having something that covers your private parts will suffice. It’s ridiculous. However, some pieces defy all expectations. They turn heads, garner respect, and give off a sophisticated, manly vibe. 

The courage needed to sport these pieces can be incredibly frustrating to gather for some; it all boils down to one thing, though. 

That one thing is confidence

5 Eye-Catching Accessories 

7 Fashion Hacks for Handsome Men

With it, you can wear anything and feel good about it. Now, I’m not giving you the green light to wear beaten up clothes just because you have the confidence to do it. I’m saying that you can explore an entirely different realm of style, as long as you have the confidence to do it. 

 Without further ado, let’s dive into it. 

1. Turtlenecks

Muscular man with black sunglasses wearing a black turtleneck and a beige overcoat folded in his arms
Shout-out to Rowan Row. This guy is a fitness, fashion, and health beast. 

Turtlenecks are hidden gems in modern fashion. Frankly, many have never even taken the time to explore them. 

I can tell you one thing about exploring them—it’s worth it. 

Well-fitted turtlenecks can highlight the body and give the illusion of broader shoulders, all while increasing your IQ by 300 (it’s scientifically proven!)

2. Sherpa Jackets 

Man with fluffy hair and beard wearing a light blue sherpa jacket, black pants and brown dress shoes.
Great outfit, Raphaël

Sherpa-lined jackets are a cozier, more insulating alternative to the classics you would usually wear during the warmer months (we miss you, summer!) 

They just so happen to look good, too! For all my vegan friends out there, I usually stick to synthetic materials myself. 

3. Overcoats

Collage of three men dressed in overcoats. Left: grey overcoat with white shirt, middle: beige overcoat with beige shirt, and right: mottled grey overcoat with black shirt and tie.
Overcoats! There are so many different variations, colors, and ways of styling them. The sky is the limit.

Overcoats, in my eyes, are seen as very authoritative and sensational wardrobe pieces. They are becoming less popular; sure, but I’m glad to say that they are still here to stay. 

Elegant, warming, masculine, and most importantly—bold. You are now ready to conquer the world. 

4. The “Sweater Over Shirt”

James Bond wearing a dark sweater, white shirt, tie, and grey jeans.
You’re killing it, Mr. Bond!

This brilliant look will never go out of style. If James Bond can pull it off, why can’t you? 

This look also includes an IQ increase, believe it or not! 

5. Leather Jacket 

David Beckham with his black leather jacket. Chain hanging on the side of his blue jeans.
David Beckham sporting a leather jacket.

Leather jackets are typically only viewed as jackets for the ‘bad boys’ who are up to no good. With all that aside, It sure is one hell of a statement piece; added confidence is also a good bonus. Hair slicked back, leather jacket, chain, all-black outfit. Just look at David Beckham do it. 

GQ does NOT mess around with the power of a leather jacket. Here’s an excerpt of one of their articles that proves my point even further: 

“Here’s a brief hypothetical that illustrates the raw power of the best leather jackets for men: Let’s say you’re going to a party. (Remember those? We’re post-COVID in this hypothetical.) You aren’t even dressed yet, and your anxiety is already begging you to stay put, hoodie up, and introduce your old pal Thai food to your new boo Disney+. What are your options? Instead, you do the only reasonable thing left: you slip on an immaculate leather jacket, give yourself a couple of Fonz’s thumbs in the mirror (“AYY!”), and then proceed to charm the living daylights out of everyone you encounter for the rest of the evening.”

Final Thoughts

I hope you found some great value in this article. This was my take on some bold pieces that command respect and shine the spotlight directly on you. Be aware; though, some are heavily debated (such as turtlenecks and sherpa jackets, thanks, PETA!)

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5 Eye-Catching Accessories You Need That Will BOOST Your Outfit

Life is so much more exciting with accessories.

Nour Algarah

Like seasoning on food, accessories create depth and all sorts of contrast. A great outfit will get you further than any sloppily dressed counterpart; sure, but a great outfit t with well-chosen accessories will get you even further.

According to a study conducted on 1085 Americans, being a well-dressed man really does make a difference:

  • 85% of women think that a well-dressed guy is sexier than a sloppily dressed rich person. [Hooray for us non-millionaires!]
  • 75% of Americans think that well-dressed men are more successful at work than their average joe colleagues.

All of this points to the fact that stylish people are more attractive and successful: economically, romantically, and professionally.

As small and unimportant as they may seem, accessories are taken into account by other people’s judgment. They can even give you more confidence (plus help you become more prepared—more on that later!)

Let’s delve into some aspects of an outfit that could be considered the icing on the cake, shall we?

1. A Crisp Watch

A freshly groomed Asian man with a stylish watch, wearing a suit and accessories while squinting.

Watches do make you more punctual. By having a ticking bomb on your wrist for hours at a time, you’ll be sure that punctuality won’t be a problem.

Another lesser known advantage of wearing a watch is that you become more admired, disciplined and respected.


Because it’s a sign of maturity and high value. If you value your own time as well as others, there’s no doubt that people will admire and respect you. Also, it just so happens to be visually appealing!

Many are sadly driven away by watches’ (typically) expensive price tag. That’s what even I thought before. Like many things in life, it doesn’t have to be that way! I own a stainless steel watch for a measly $30 that looks like it costs hundreds of dollars.

2. Sleek Headwear

Image for postA tall man wearing a cap on his head with a coat over his shoulders and his hands near his pocket. All black outfit

In the winter, its mission is to keep you warm. In the summer; however, its mission is to keep you cool. It’s pretty useful, isn’t it?

Even for the younger of us, headwear can be an intrinsic part of an outfit. You don’t have to wear a fedora or a top hat; everything counts.

3. A Tasteful Bracelet

Gray jeans with a veiny arm sitting atop of them with a sleek, minimal bracelet made of small white and black beads. Shirt.

You can’t go wrong with a bracelet*. It’s a nice touch that sort of ‘balances’ the look by covering both your wrists with something.

A metallic or leather bracelet creates a sleek look by gently drawing attention to your wrists; the reflective metal or the grainy leather creates depth in your outfit.t.

*Okay, you can go wrong with a bracelet. Keep everything in moderation, guys.

4. Tip-Top Necklace

A man wearing a denim shirt layered on a white t-shirt with a silver dog tag visible. Strong chin, masculine, tanned.

Necklaces — from dog tags to chains or simple crosses all accentuate your chest, which creates an illusion of a bigger, more muscular chest.

If you want to go a step further, a personally inscribed necklace can be an astonishing detail.

Stick to 1–2 necklaces. More than that leads to it being crowded—you hopefully aren’t looking for the ‘rich rapper’ look!

5. Elegant Rings

Sun-kissed, tan, veiny arm with two rings and a diamond in one. Sunlight covering half, mysterious and masculine.

Rings are (in my opinion) the most incorrectly used accessories. When people discover them for the first time, they load up their fingers with several pairs of them just to get ‘that look’.

Less is more: one or two rings on each hand. Nada más.

Final Thoughts

Watches, headwear, bracelets, necklaces, rings. What do they all have in common?

They are literal status symbols. They make you more confident, more powerful, and more influential. Did I forget to mention that they make you perceived as more attractive, competent, and fitter?

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How to Organize your Wardrobe

Organizing a wardrobe can be an arduous task. We all come across that piece of clothing that we are virtually inseparable from, such as your favorite (but gross) t-shirt. It can even be a shirt you decided to keep because a family member or friend gifted it to you, and you didn’t want to hurt their feelings by throwing it away.

There are, however, times where you just need to let go. If you want to open your wardrobe and only see good items that you actually want to wear, you have to get rid of some clothes.

For one, it’s more pleasing on the eyes—this makes choosing your outfit much easier to choose. Your eyes don’t need to focus on mounds of unorganized, subpar clothes. Being organized is something ongoing, so you need to build the habit of sorting your wardrobe occasionally. This is crucial, something many simply fail to do; your wardrobe won’t look like an Instagram aesthetics post if you just do it one time. You need to build a habit.

It will take time, yes, sure, but it will have tremendous benefits down the line. Take the time to have a good look through your wardrobe and you’ll thank yourself later.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Let’s Start Subtracting

Your unused clothing will be recycled. Pants with different colors arranged in the recycle symbol.

Does the clothing in question have unremovable stains, holes, or a putrid smell that doesn’t go away? Do you not love it anymore — does it even fit anymore?

Did you ‘impulse buy’ it and you no longer want it?

Is it uncomfortable, or out of trend?

Well, if something fits the criteria of the above, then you need to get rid of it. How you get rid of it is up to you, such as donating or throwing away.

It can be tricky to get rid of items you love, however; you need to think that someone in need may utilize it better than you ever will. Sort it into piles of donate/trash and go through ’em one by one.

2. Some Inspiration Doesn’t Hurt

It can be a great idea to get some inspiration for wardrobe designs online. Many different blogs, such as this one, can offer insight into possible wardrobe designs. Perhaps you can get new shelves, new hanging racks or even storage boxes to organize them neatly and aesthetically. Do your research.

3. Hang or Fold?

A general rule of thumb is that you should hang anything delicate (such as wool and silk), something fancy (such as that crisp dress shirt or that tuxedo). Fold anything that isn’t described above, such as pajamas, t-shirts, and pants—this includes jeans and sweaters.

4. Utilitze Storage Boxes

Storage Box with Lid Organization for home wardrobe closet – MacCorral | Storage  boxes with lids, Wardrobe boxes, Fabric storage boxes

Something new I’ve come across is the usage of storage boxes. It can ease your storage options by organizing items such as socks, underwear, and other thin clothes, like tank tops and scarves in one place.

Final Thoughts

The thought of organizing your wardrobe can make you roll your eyes. There’s a good reason for that: organizing a wardrobe is not something one does regularly (or thinks about, for that matter). However, just a single hour of rational thought and a keen eye for order in your wardrobe can be straight up eye candy (plus it’ll be easier to pick an outfit!)

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The Ultimate Guide to Gym Wear

How to both look and feel your best while working out
White T-shirt and black nike shorts with white sneakers. Man on treadmill in background, gym environment.

Nothing about working out is fancy. You sweat and you grunt like a pig for an entire hour—sometimes, even more, just to do it all over the next day. So why not do it all while being well-prepared?

The sports apparel industry is valued at around $170 billion and is estimated to cross the $250 billion mark in 2026; though, it’s for a good reason. Nothing beats good ẃorkout clothes, that make you feel comfortable and mobile at the same time.

Wearing workout clothes should make you feel confident, cool (both in terms of temperature and being cool), but also give a wide range of motion. However, it’s not just the clothes that matter; you also need to keep track of other things as well.

In this post, we’ll cover some crucial workout companions that will make your workouts just a little bit better. Everything from clothes to accessories, it’s here!

The Clothes

Bald muscular man with grey compression shirt and long black pants. White sneakers doing quadriceps stretch.
Compression shirts are great as they show off your best features while wicking away sweat.

The gym isn’t a fashion runway, and you should not think of it that way. You don’t want to feel like everyone is staring at you, but some workout clothes are more important than others, so your focus should be on the fit and the material.

For weight lifters and cardio junkies alike, flexible materials and sweat-wicking are quintessential. That means that you should prioritize synthetic materials, such as polyester, acrylic, nylon. With that established, you are free to choose from tank tops or T-shirts or compression shirts, or anything that covers your body.

In my experience, cotton is a big no-no as it will feel like a heavy, sticky blanket is sitting on you after your workout. I don’t recommend cotton wearing cotton while working out at all!

The Shoes

Adidas Ultraboost grey shoes to the left and grey Nike React to the right.
It’s Adidas versus Nike.

The type of shoes you need will largely depend on what kind of exercise you like. Do you lift weights, do cardio or yoga?

For weight lifters, any breathable shoes will do the job. I’ve seen people work out with Chucks, Stan Smith, NMDs, and even with just socks!

If you are a bit more serious and like to do heavy squats and deadlifts, weight lifting shoes may be the answer for you. For me, I prefer deadlifts/squats in my socks instead of buying dedicated shoes (as it can be a little easier on your wallet and your back, as they can be quite heavy!)

For general purposes, or for someone who doesn’t care much about footwear, I’d recommend Nike Epic React or Adidas Ultra Boost. They have mastered the shoe game.

The Socks

There’s no need to overthink this part! Breathable and comfortable cotton socks will work just fine, but you can even take it a step further and choose to include synthetic-blends to improve sweat-wicking.

The Tunes

A pair of Apple Airpod Pros being held up by a white hand with a strong bokeh effect
AirPod Pros are very popular at the moment. Portable, great-sounding, and efficient.

It’s an understatement when I say that this part is one of the most important, in my opinion. According to a 2010 study led by sports psychologists, music can improve your gym performance by increasing endurance, strength and even reducing fatigue!

My favorite wireless earbuds are—of course, Airpods. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on them, though, as many other alternatives exist!

The wireless headphone industry is becoming more and more accessible while becoming more and powerful, so you’ll find great alternatives with a little bit of research. I recommend finding in-ear ones as they fit better and give better sound, plus your hearing will be better.


Gym bag in the middle with arrows pointing to it, items such as shampoo, shoes, gloves, perfume, shakers, pre-workout and food.
Recovery, hygiene, comfort, and smelling great is vital.

My favorites to keep on hand:

A big water bottle. Preferably 1 L (34 oz).

A light towel that still dries you off well. No need for thick towels here!

Flip flops. They are essential for when you are showering at the gym, as many diseases can be present there (I don’t recommend showering at the gym; however, even if it means you have to wait until you get home.)

A roomy gym bag. I made the mistake of buying the most expensive and biggest gym bag; however, this will not do you any good.

Supplements, pre-workout or post-workout

Toiletries: Shampoo, sponge, shampoo, deo, perfume, etc.


The best workouts are the ones where you look and feel good from head to toe. Great clothes, shoes, and accessories always make my worst gym days a little bit better.

There’s a bit of a hot debate about wearing gym gloves to prevent calluses on your hands. What do you think about gym gloves? Do they prevent calluses, or do they make you look weak?

5 Tips to Master Winter Clothing

Winter is coming. 
Intelligent looking man with brown swooped hair and glasses. He is wearing a dark coat layered on top of a dark shirt, wearing dark pants and black boots.
Standing out in winter takes work.

Winter is upon us, and temperatures are dipping below zero (that’s 30°F for all you Americans out there!) Here in Sweden, temperatures plunged to -10°C (14°F), which caused a considerable amount of car accidents and — most importantly — intense discomfort due to the frigid weather.

Fitting for the current weather, we’ll go over some pro tips so that you (and your acquaintances) can enjoy the wonderful season that is winter just a little bit more.

1 | Layers, Layers, Layers!

Red suit layered on top of a black hoodie. He is wearing black pants and maroon boots while posing in front of a washed out marble building.
In previous blog posts, I’ve mentioned time and time again that a hoodie is a great layering piece. 

If you’ve read my previous blog post, you’d know that a hoodie is my go-to layering piece. Pair it with a good outer layer and voilá!

Layering is a straightforward concept that helps you retain more heat; it works by stacking a bunch of clothes strategically to help you feel more warm and fuzzy. A rule of thumb is to stick with three layers: a base layer, mid-layer, and an outer layer.

Why is layering important, you may ask?

Think of your base layer as a second skin that aids your ‘real’ skin in wicking sweat away from your body, which can lead to you feeling even colder.

Try to choose something out of merino wool for the base, wool and down for the middle, and a waterproof outer layer made of something like nylon or polyester.

One thing to note; however, is that there is definitely such a thing as too many layers. Vox put it this way:

“Another important tip… is that good body circulation is the key to warmth. “If you’re wearing 700 layers and you’re like the Michelin Man, and you can’t move, all that padding isn’t going to do you any good if you block off your circulation” [which will make you feel colder]

2 | Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Jacket

Thick ribbed turtleneck layered UNDER a dark puffer jacket. He is wearing grey pants and white shoes; posing in front of a Maximo store with a mannequin in the background.
Polo Ralph Lauren does cost a pretty penny, so I suggest being on the lookout for discounts! 

Besides the base and middle layer I mentioned earlier, a jacket made for winter is the most important; don’t skimp on its quality!

A jacket is the most crucial part of a winter outfit. Like the cherry on top, it completes (and ties together) the outfit. My recommendation is you use jackets made of polyester or nylon, as they are waterproof and breathable.

3 | Don’t Forget the Boots

Black man with earrings and crisp cut hair wearing a blue jean jacket layered on top of a white T-shirt. Accessories: light colored metal bracelet and white ring. Brown timberland boots and dark pants.
Timbs are popular for a reason—they do everything well. 

Timberland shoes may be mainstream, but they are mainstream for a reason. They tick all the boxes, and they do it so well!

Sloshing around in the snow all day means that you need to have the appropriate tools for the job. Three things matter the most when boot-shopping: Materials, soles, and insulation.

The part that covers the top of your foot, the ‘upper’ material, needs to be resilient and water-resistant. Many high-quality boots over $100 out there are made of leather or nylon, which are excellent for winter. Make sure you waterproof them by spraying the boots with water-proofing.

The sole of the winter boot is so important, yet so many people overlook it. A rubber sole that makes sure that no water seeps into the shoe is good, but it also needs to have many crevices to increase traction.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016, at least 20,000 slipping accidents occurred due to ice, sleet, and snow. It could have been prevented if they were more careful and chose the right footwear.

Insulation is excellent because it provides warmth without a lot of added bulk on the upper material. Looking for boots that insulate your feet well, you need to make sure they weigh at least 200 grams or more. Weight is a good indication of insulation; however, try to aim for more if you can.

4 | Add a Splash of Color

Khaki pants, brown boots and knit cardigan layered on top of a blue shirt. Brown hair and brown partial beard.
Colors are naturally attractive to the human eye. Just take it from a peacock; why do they like colors so much? 

Take a walk around town during wintertime, and you’ll see plenty of people dressed in plain old black. Why does summer have so many fun colors, but winter doesn’t?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, experiment with colors such as beige, dark green, gray, and maroon!

5 | Experiment with Accessories

Scarves, hats, earmuffs, thick socks, and gloves are absolutely essential if you live in frigid climates. Due to the ear’s large surface area and low muscle mass, the ears can get very cold. Earmuffs are great for this; however, you can substitute them with a warming beanie.


This winter has been excruciatingly painful. Last winter, I didn’t employ layering correctly (which led to me freezing my *** off). I hated winter. However, with a better understanding, you can actually enjoy the season in its entirety. Just be sure as to not slip and injure yourself!

You have to layer correctly, stress the importance of a suitable jacket, add a splash of color, and experiment with accessories in order to pull off some amazing outfits (whose functionality will not let you down).

What did you think of this post? I would love to hear your opinion down below! Give it a like if you liked (heh) the post, and follow me for future posts about fashion!

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